Guruvayur Temple Upadevathas

Guruvayur sub shrines, Upadevathas in Guruvayur temples

Upa Devathas in Guruvayur Temple

In Guruvayur Temple, there are sub-shrines for Ganapathy, Bhagavathy and Ayyappa also.

Ganapathy : The Ganapathy shrine is located inside the Nalambalam. That is at the south-west corner of Nalambalam.

Sastha: At the south side of the Nalambalam, there is a sub shrine of Sastha or Lord Ayyappa.The idol made of dark granite is about a meter in height. There is a huge granite stone in front of the shrine, placed in an inclined position, for breaking coconuts, considered very dear to Sastha. In front of the shrine arrangements are made for "malayidal" and "kettunira" for Sabarimala pilgrimage.

Edatharikathu Kavu: The name Edatharikathu Kavu has come on account of its proximity to the main deity. The goddess here is looked upon as upadevatha (subordinate deity) of the temple. The popular belief is that the presiding deity is Vana Durga and with this belief no roof is provided for the Sreekovil. This shrine is said to be older than the main deity. This shrine is situated at the North-Eastern corner of the main temple, just outside bahyankana, on the bank of Rudratheertham. Azhal is the important offering here and like other temples of Goddess, there is a permanent oracle (Velichappad). Thalapoli is the important festival and usually unmarried girls alone will take the thalam. Two Thalapolies are celebrated here during the month of Dhanu. One by the Thalapoli sangham and the other by the Devaswom .

Office Ganapathi : This shrine is situated at the East nada inside the old Devaswom office compound. There is no roof for this shrine. The image here is considered to be very powerful and many people pray here to fulfill their wishes.Unlike other Ganapathy idols, this idol has its tusk towards the left side. Daily pooja is conducted here. People break coconuts in front of the shrine as an offering. Another main offering here is 'Ganapathy pooja' which can be done on any day and in the month of Karkidakam, it is the most auspicious.