Guruvayur Choroonu/Annaprashan

choroonu in Guruvayur temple, Annaprashan in guruvayur temple

Choroonu/Annaprashan in Guruvayur Temple

This is the first rice-giving ceremony of a child conducted before the Lord Guruvayurappa. All the items including cooked rice, payasam (sweet preparation of rice and jaggery; rice, sugar & milk) plantain etc. are placed on a banana leaf and the children are having each of these.

This offering will be conducted at Choroon Hall (located at first floor of old Ticket Counter building). Take the ticket for choroon from ticket counter with the rate of Rupees 100 before enetring the chorun Hall. If you want to take choroonu function photos take ticket for the same with a rate of Rs. 100 for five photos. After the Choronu Ceremony father, mother and Kid can enter inside the temple (Nalambalam) by showing this ticket without stand in the Queue. Online booking is not available for this offering.

Guruvayur Choroonu Timings

This offerings starts daily at 5 A.M till 1 P.M and also in the evening. The choroonu for kids will not be conducted on Ekadasi and every Vavu Night. The choroonu will not be conducted on Guruvayur Ekadasi Day (Entire day).