Guruvayur Prasada Oottu/Annadhanam

prasadaoottu in Guruvayur temple

Prasada Oottu in Guruvayur Temple

Annadhanam’, has its origins in ancient times. Old age detached themselves from the society and spend their remaining lives in temples. Likewise, people with disabilities, people with sickness and basically anyone who couldn’t contribute to the society rested in temples. Since they couldn’t contribute to the society, they have no means to eat. The purpose of ‘Annadhanam’ is to provide food for those who couldn’t eat. ‘Annadhanam’ is the first known welfare system.

But people won’t be altruistic and ready to donate. So this was embodied with religious practices. It was said that wealthy individuals have to serve ‘Annadhanam’, on happy occasions as a way to thank God and to seek forgiveness from God, so that their sins are washed away. And And also temple will serve ‘Annadhanam’ in the excess amount of money they get from people’s offerings to God.

One can make offering of any amount for this free feeding.

Guruvayur Temple Prasada Oottu Timings

There are arrangements for free feeding as Prasadam at the dining hall (Annalakshmi Hall located outside the temple) for thousands of pilgrims at 10 A.M and 7.30 P.M.