Temple Customs

Guruvayur temple dress code, Guruvayur temple costum

Temple Customs

1. Ideally, entrance in to the temple for the darshan (new glimpse of the Lord) is made after a holy dip in the "Rudra theertham" (temple pond), and in the same wet clothes while querying up for the darshan, devotees are to maintain strict discipline and be careful about their ornaments and purses. They are not to stand on the belikkallu (Altar).

2. According to Guruvayur dress code wearing shirts, trousers, vests, pyjamas, lungis (printed dhotis), pants, jeans, footwear etc. is forbidden. Hence ladies can wear saris and skirts, blouses and churidar while the men can wear plain white or cream dhoti.Children are allowed to wear shorts but without covering their upper body.

3. Possessions like Mobilephones, cameras, video cameras, tape-recorders etc. cannot be taken into the temple

4. One should be careful not to spit or vomit in the temple. Very small children should not be taken inside. Those who are dirtying the temple will have to pay for the 'Punyaha' or purification ceremony.

5. Begging inside the temple is forbidden.

6. Newly married couples are not allowed inside the temple, soon after the marriage ceremony.

7. Having browsed earlier on the glory of the Lord, the shrine at Guruvayur would surely be on your itinerary, the next time you plan your holiday. And when you do come, remember to adhere to these etiquettes.


About Queue System

1. Senior citizen queue System - join the special line inside the temple. Guruvayur temple timings for senior citizens: 5.30 AM to 8 AM & 4.30 PM to 6.00 PM

2. 2. Guruvayur temple special darshan - if you offer ghee lamp in Sreekovil with a rate of Rs. 4500, five devotees can directly enter to the temple without any queue. If you offer Rs.1000 for ghee lamp one devotee can enter to the temple for closer darshan.

3. Two devotees can enter inside the temple along with kid after kid’s choroonu / annaprasam ceremony by showing the annaprasam ticket in the northern entrance of the temple.

4. If you are not in a position to get inside the temple, then still you can get glimpse of lord krishna out side the temple just standing besides auditorium which is at a better height allowing you to see Lord Krishna from that far distance.