Prasada Oottu/Annadhanam

prasadaoottu in Guruvayur temples

Offerings in Guruvayur Temple

Nobody returns from a temple, especially from Guruvayur, without making an offering, however small that might be. An offering is quite often misinterpreted as a bribe given to the deity for a favour. Actually, it is the renunciation of a devotee, as the real test of one’s devotion. The Lord accepts whatever is given in devotion or “Bhakthi” and rejects everything, however expensive, offered without it. Thousands throng to Guruvayur daily to make their offerings- as an expression of their gratitude and devotion for the cure of their diseases, mental peace, success, profit, progeny – the list is endless. The devotees offer today almost anything from flowers to gold. Rare offerings are displayed at the Devaswom museum while the other items are archived.

Prasada Oottu : There are arrangements for free feeding as Prasadam at the dining hall (Annalakshmi Hall located outside the temple) for thousands of pilgrims at 10 am and 7.30 pm. One can make offering of any amount for this free feeding.